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  • Three Star Crayons


    The oldest chalk manufacturer in Germany, Three Stars (DREI STERNE) has been producing chalk for over 130 years. 

    After opening his first chalk factory in 1870, Anton Franz Mrtel registered the DREI STERNE trademark in 1898, in Berlins Imperial Patent Office. 

    Five generations later, DREI STERNE continues to be run by the Mrtel family. As to be expected from over a century of production, the company produces pure, natural chalk of the highest quality. 

    A familiar sight in German classrooms for decades, the Three Stars brand is gaining new popularity for their genuinely vintage box art designs, a result of using original artworks from each products first days of manufacture.

    These crayons are have high pigment load and quality wax made from safe materials and non-toxic pigments. Perfect for the kiddos!

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