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Wetterlings Expedition Hatchet

Whether you're a lumberjack, or a jack-of-all-trades, this Expedition Hatchet from our Swedish friends at Wetterlings is the perfect compliment to the campfire you've been meaning to gather, or if you're just trying to showoff at dinner parties. Fits perfectly into your backpack, on your belt loop, and under your pillow.

Product Details:

• 0.55 kg Turpentine Axe Head, Swedish carbon steel. 
• 2,5 inch blade, 5.5 inch long*. 
• Slightly rounded, sloped bevel, knife grinded to 24 degree angle*
• 56-58 RwC
• 13 inch curved Hickory handle


*Please note that the axes are hand made and eye measured. Therefore minor variations may occur.

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