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My grandfather, Jim O'Brien, has always been a role model for me.  He was an orphan, Naval Academy boxer, World War II veteran, oral surgeon and successful entrepreneur throughout his life.  Over his career as an oral surgeon he set up clinics in various parts of the world.  One of them was built on a small island in the Grenadines called Bequia.  Bequia (pronounced /ˈbek.wi/ or /ˈbek.weɪ/) is the largest island in the Grenadines. It is part of the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and is approximately 15 km from the nation's capital, Kingstown.

Throughout my family's Bequia adventures a woman by the name of Isola McIntosh was widely known as the matriarch of the island.  She was famous for her hospitality at the only B&B on the island appropriately called "Isola's Guest House".  She was also famous as an entertainer and mediator of most island issues.  In the attached picture she is shown assisting in the dental office.  Throughout my childhood Isola embedded herself as part of family legend and still embodies a sense of adventure, friendship, hospitality and cultural outreach.   The idea of Isola (or Izola, as I always spelled it as a child) became so important to me that at 17, I named my first flask "Izola" and when I was 24 decided to name my first company after her.  

I hope you enjoy our ever growing list of products and please feel free to send any comments to neil@izola.com.  

To Isola,

Neil Rasmus

Bequia Isola Izola

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