Izola's best-selling candles are iconic for a reason: they pair simple, pure, single-note fragrances with sturdy, dapper packaging that brings warmth and style to the home. From smoky Red Cedar to floral Magnolia, our candles have a collectible appeal--we've found that our customers like to stock multiple scents so that they have the right pick for every season and mood (plus extra for last-minute gifts!).

"When Izola set out to make candles, we had no idea that these simple, singular scents would become a cornerstone of our brand—but that's exactly what happened. I think both men and women love our candles for the same reason I do: the scents are uncluttered and uncomplicated, and the design is sleek yet striking. I love all of our scents, but if I had to pick my favorite, I'd go with Lavender: seasonless, unisex, and it brings some much-needed calm to hectic days." —Neil Rasmus, Izola founder and CEO