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Candle Subscription

Your first candle for $1. Save 25% on the listed price for every candle after that.

Never be without your favourite scent. Our monthly candle subscription means you can enjoy a fresh scented candle every month. Your first candle will only cost $1, then you save 25% on every candle after that. 

It's easy to get started, just choose a scent from the ones above and select the subscription option. We will handle the rest.

You can change your scent every month, so whether you like reassuring familiarity or something fresh every time, your home or office will always smell beautiful.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I change my scent each time?

Yes, just log into our website (you will be invited to create an account when you set up your subscription) and choose from any of our range of naturally scented candles.

Are they all suitable for vegans?

Yes. We hand-pour our candles with natural vegetable wax. 

Do you use natural scents?

Yes, we do. Our candles are scented with rich essential oils.