Festival Survival Kit

Festival Survival Kit

Music festivals are fun... until the rain falls.

This kit contains everything you need when you're off to a festival - whether you're slumming it in a tent or going posh in a hotel down the road. Don't let discomfort ruin the fun.

- Waterproof poncho (Keep the rain off your clothes. Nothing dries out in a field!)
- 10 tool multi-tool (Cut, pick, clean, saw... or just open your bottles with it.)
- Disposable ear plugs (The headliners are worth listening to. The drunks in the tent next door are not.)
- Disposable toothbrush (Those festival treats do bad things to your enamel.)
- Marvis toothpaste (Well, you never know when you'll want fresh breath.)

Suitable for:
Packing in your festival rucksack.
Worried parents to buy for their revelling offspring.
Even the muddiest year at Glastonbury.