Super Dad Recovery Kit
Super Dad Recovery Kit

Super Dad Recovery Kit

It's hard work being a dad!

All that shouting about lights being left on. Chasing people up the stairs for wearing their shoes indoors. Pacing by the front door when his daughter is late home from a hot date. It's exhausting.

Give him this gift set for super dads and give him the gift of "me time".

He can soak in the bath with our luxurious, hand-pressed bath oil. Allowing the essential oils to fill his senses with calming bliss.

Then, the eye cream eases those bags under his eyes (probably caused by you and your siblings) until he looks like a new man once more.

This is the dream gift for any over-worked dad.


 - Toothbrush
 - Toothpaste
 - Sleep mask
 - Restorative bath oil
 - Bright eyes eye cream