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Buying candles online? Here's what you need to know

Scented Candles from Izola

Buying candles online can be tough. Especially since you want to be able to smell them in person before purchasing. I get it! 

However, what if you could buy as many candles as you wanted, and return the ones that you didn't like? Well that is now possible because Izola offers free returns on all candles. They are also one of the most trusted and consistent manufacturers of scented candles. 

When we get home from a long workday there a few things we need to unwind.  One is a drink… another is an Izola candle.  Frustrated with the agonizingly pungent fragrances of common candles, we developed one made from 100% vegetable wax that comes in six natural fragrances a man won’t mind.

Scented candles for men should be subtle and tasteful. Who doesn't want their bachelor pad smelling amazing at the light of a wick? Don't get it twisted, our scented candles for women are also tasteful and delicious smelling.  

Candles are so underrated. Step up your candle game now with Izola candles!