Shower Curtains For Any Type of Person: Discover how to keep your bathroom unique

Tired of the same old shower curtains?

I never paid much attention to the type of shower curtain I had. Normally I would buy the first plain shower curtain I found in the store, buy a pressure rod, and throw it up and keep it until I finally moved to another apartment. A few months ago, however, I was at my friend's house and noticed his very cool masculine shower curtain. I decided immediately that I needed to step up my shower curtain game if i ever wanted to impress my house guests. 

Since I am from New York City, I wanted a shower curtain with an MTA subway map. Navigating the city can be tricky, even as a longtime resident. I found out that this shower curtain was made with eco-friendly 100% PEVA, which was exciting. Hang it and study up; you'll be able to zip from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again without breaking a sweat.

Izola shower curtains are all mold resistant. Like this PEVA shower curtain liner. Men's shower curtains will never be the same. Take a tip from me, and improve the quality of your life with one of these amazing shower curtains.