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Why Every Home Needs A Cocktail Shaker

Stop What You're Doing and Take a Look at These Cocktail Shakers

Are you somebody who prides yourself on your drink making abilities? If so, you probably already know how crucial it is to own a cocktail shaker. If you don't know how crucial it is, you're probably not as good as you think you are. 

Why do you need a cocktail shaker?

A cocktail shaker allows you to mix all of the ingredients together in order to blend the flavors of a drink better. It is a way to impress your guests when you are entertaining. Imagine having a group of people over, and whipping out this gold cocktail shaker and serving delicious gimlets, manhattans or dry martinis to all of your guests. Not to mention, a stainless steel cocktail shaker would look amazing on any at-home bar cart. You could also get a cool cocktail shaker with a catchy saying on it. For instance, this one has the word "cheers" in many different languages. Very sophisticated, very cultured.

The cocktail shaker is a classic icon of sophistication and revelry. After a long day it’s the tool you need to concoct the perfect cocktail and pour it in style. Our 24-ounce gold cocktail shaker is a new spin on our long time best sellers, guaranteed to draw attention in your bar or kitchen. The lid is equipped with an airtight gum seal and an integrated strainer to serve your martinis up and ice cold, without spilling a drop. Shake, rattle, and roll!

Now you know where to get a cocktail shaker

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